XO20 Weinbrand / Brandy

Veltliner Reserve Brandy

XO 20 year - 1997 Vintage

Single cask - 392 bottles

This exquisite Grüner Veltliner Reserve Brandy
was allowed to mature for 20 years in small oak barrel in our baroque cellar, until it was finally bottled as a single cask in 392 bottles in October, 2017. Mildly spicy, delicate, and full of finesse on the palate. Elegant, high-quality aroma. Good strength, but not obtrusive. During the years of oak barrel aging, it acquires its typical amber colour naturally.

A must-be-enjoyed for all lovers of real rarities.
Alc: 39% Bottle size: 700ml

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49 € / bottle in a genuine wood box
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The Grüner Veltliner grape variety is particularly suitable for early harvesting to create multi-layered brandies. These grapes produce a relatively light wine with high acidity. The brandy is distilled twice in copper kettles without added sugar, alcohol, or flavorings. During distillation, the brandy is slowly divided into 3 fractions: head, middle cut (the raw brandy) and tail. Only the high-purity distillate of the middle cut is used for further processing. In an additional distillation, the raw brandy is reduced to so-called fine brandy with a higher concentration of flavors and essences.

Drinking temperature: room temperature
Ageing potential: 2017 - ? (no empirical values yet)

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